The Garden Route Film Commission


The Garden Route Film Commission

The Garden Route Film Commission (GRFC) was launched to assist in the growth of the film industry in the beautiful, diverse and resource rich Garden Route. This vision was led by local individuals with a passion for all things film. At that point there was no strategic government plan to fund and implement a film strategy for the Garden Route.

Up until the close of 2019 the GRFC had already made inroads into becoming recognized as the representative for film in the Garden Route, however the structure of the district and priorities inhibited the GRFC from reaching its full potential. It’s thanks to the earlier efforts that through a long process the
GRFC was able to attract investment from the District and one other municipality and begin its work in creating and formalizing a film commission.

The GRFC from 2020 has increased the engagement with stakeholders, partners and potential partners through increased activity and exposure.

The GRFC, through stakeholder engagement, mechanisms of operations and policy products, brings together government, institutions and businesses to make the Garden Route a premium film production destination and to unlock  investment into the region.

Board of Directors

The Garden Route Film Commission operates under the lead of a 3 member Board of Directors.