Coffee & Laughs

Coffee & Laughs

Mossel bay


There are 3 very important things in life being Friends, Coffee, and Chocolate. Combine the three and laughs (laughter) are sure to follow. No one person is the same and therefore their liking for chocolates and coffee differ. With this in mind I started Coffee & Laughs. I starting off with Chocolate bombs to warm up the cold winters, (and summer nights as people will drink their favorite drinking all year round) to making chocolate gifts for all special occasions.

Find your favorite flavors and special gifts for that special occasion by following Coffee & Laughs on Facebook.

Coffee & Laughs Product Range:

There are a variety of different flavors to choose from in each range. All packed in a 1kg packets. Giving you between 40 – 50 servings per packet (All depends on the size of your scoop).

Contact Linda for all the available flavors.



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