Sky Blue Pixels – Legal Drone Pilot – Full Video & Film Production

Sky Blue Pixels – Legal Drone Pilot – Full Video & Film Production

Dianthus Street Somerset West Western Cape South Africa


Riaan Huysamen started as a graphic designer creating visual art pixel for pixel and evolved into a professional photographer & videographer with over 20 years experience, specializing in construction sites, buildings, vessels at sea, majestic landscapes and corporate videography and much more. He stated his company BluePixels. The word Blue represent “far and above the horizon” as the ‘Sky’ is no longer the limit, and the word ‘Pixels’ for the dots that appear on all our screens and devices today. On these devices his clients can view for the art he has created.

Riaan has taken many photos from ground cameras, planes, helicopters and now drones. In 2010 he fell in love with RC Multi-Rotors known today as Drones or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), because these devices could now carry a camera to new heights, and reveal the world from a very Unique angle. He was one of the very first pioneers in South Africa to explore the use of Drones in various situations and applications.

For the next five years he explored and perfected the art and endeavored to be come the best Drone photographer & drone pilot combo possible with a style consisting of colourful, real to life and wow imagery. In 2010 there was no laws regulating the use of RC Multi-rotors / Drones in South Africa.

Riaan Huysamen joins DC Geomatics PTY(Ltd) as RPAS Pilot:

Today Riaan is a Fully certified drone pilot at DC Geomatics (Pty LTD). DC Geomatics is one of South Africa’s leading drone service providers, that offer specialised turnkey solutions and commercial services to government, corporates, and private entities. From drone-driven aerial mapping and surveying to state-of-the-art aerial surveillance and more, our innovative range of technologies and solutions makes drones a reality, rendering any geographic data more accessible and affordable.




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