The Garden Route Film Commission

Emerging film producers legal workshop

Wesgro Film and Media Promotion, in collaboration with Film Cape Town and Irish MacLeod Inc, has put together a legal workshop for
emerging producers/SMME’s intended to fill the knowledge gaps that exist within the industry.
When it comes to growing the local industry, and so driving economic development, one must ask; Are local filmmakers fully prepared
and skilled to pitch and fundraise on global platforms? Are the Film SMME’s growing sustainable businesses?
In light of these challenges, Wesgro’s Film and Media Promotion team has started facilitating various workshops aimed at helping Film
SMME’s and Emerging Independent Producers better understand the South African and Global “Film Business” landscape.
Independent filmmakers and emerging producers looking to grow their business and expand into the global market.
Irish Macleod has proposed a programme for a two-day workshop, covering the following topics:
DATE: 3 June 2020
TIME: 10h00 – 12h30
DAY 1: Funding and Financing of Films | Sales and Distribution
DATE: 4 June 2020
TIME: 10h00 – 12h30
DAY 2: Company Formation | Special Purpose Vehicles | Chain of Title | Copyright | Production Legals | COVID-19 and productions
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