The Garden Route Film Office is embarking on a Free Membership drive

The Garden Route Film Office is embarking on a Free Membership drive.  Registration is simple – just click on this link and enter your details:

WHY REGISTER: Did you know that over the past 6 years based on the activity of just ONE production company, 18 Million rand has been injected into the local economy through payment of suppliers, cast, crew and other sundries. (There are a number of productions in the area annually) The misconception is that only Accommodation establishments benefit from film and some catering. 

Here is an example of industries and resources that this production company has used in the Garden Route District: Florists, Doctors, Dentists, Water Suppliers, Generator Hire, Accommodation, Restaurants, Hair Dressers, Spa’s, Beauty Salons, Mechanics, Catering, Event Equipment Hire, Car Hire, Game Reserves, B&B’s, Conference Venues, Motorbike Hire, Cleaners, Valets, Ironing Services, Laundry, Post and Couriers, Legal, Medical, Boat Hire, Bowsers, Bicycles, Adventure Companies, Extreme Activities, Boating Excursions, Extras , Characters and Actors local, Junior PA’s, Set Runners, Department Assistance, Chaperones (Drivers), Chefs, Wardrobe and Makeup Artistes, Accounting, Wine Farms. Photographic Equipment, Trailer Hire – DEPENDING on the type of production, the list of services required increases. 

Whilst we appreciate the current situation in South Africa and around the globe, we aim to remain pro-active so that we are ready for the turnaround of events and an influx of productions that have been for now postponed. 

Virtual Event Sponsorship

Wesgro aims to increase the profile of the destination through the leveraging of events that:
• Increase Cape Town and Western Cape destination awareness using online platforms.
• Enhance and align with strategic niche activities such as adventure, wine, food, halal, culture and heritage.
• Generate online, social media coverage and destination content
The guidelines for VIRTUAL EVENT support is as follows:

  1. Virtual platform – the event / festival must be hosted or take place on a suitable virtual event online platform such as Facebook, Website,
    Webcast etc.
  2. Accessibility – state and confirm if the event experience will be LIVE STREAMED or Pre-recorded
  3. Event experience – all the virtual attendees / participants to login, interact, experience or buy products online – post images of favourite
    dishes or route using the event hashtag
  4. Content presentation – events and festival must offer online experience and engagement such as cooking demos and online recipes,
    beer and food pairing
  5. Event promotion – who is your target audience and how are you going to promote your virtual event – website, social media
  6. Size of the audience- the minimum number of the virtual event attendees must be 100 and more

Click on the buttons below to download more information and application forms