The Garden Route Film Commission

Virtual Event Sponsorship

Wesgro aims to increase the profile of the destination through the leveraging of events that:
• Increase Cape Town and Western Cape destination awareness using online platforms.
• Enhance and align with strategic niche activities such as adventure, wine, food, halal, culture and heritage.
• Generate online, social media coverage and destination content
The guidelines for VIRTUAL EVENT support is as follows:

  1. Virtual platform – the event / festival must be hosted or take place on a suitable virtual event online platform such as Facebook, Website,
    Webcast etc.
  2. Accessibility – state and confirm if the event experience will be LIVE STREAMED or Pre-recorded
  3. Event experience – all the virtual attendees / participants to login, interact, experience or buy products online – post images of favourite
    dishes or route using the event hashtag
  4. Content presentation – events and festival must offer online experience and engagement such as cooking demos and online recipes,
    beer and food pairing
  5. Event promotion – who is your target audience and how are you going to promote your virtual event – website, social media
  6. Size of the audience- the minimum number of the virtual event attendees must be 100 and more

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